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They say there is no more challenging client to have than yourself, and in building my family's dream home I can certainly attest to that! My brief for myself (Corey Fox) was timeless, functional and low maintenance.


So many decisions, amazing products, finishes and suppliers to select from and so many beautiful spaces we've worked on in the past to draw inspiration from caused endless hours of analysis paralysis!


Now, fast forward a couple of years and I am full of gratitude to be able to raise my family in what truly is our dream home.


The biggest thank you must go to my gorgeous wife Claire, who basically became a single parent for 6 months raising our beautiful kids while I worked through the night 7 days a week.


The team at Corey Fox Landscaping - you guys supported me from day one, right through to the finish. We can never thank you enough for the blood, sweat and tears.


All of my contractors, you know who you are, thank you so much. I know I'm a fussy person to work for as I expect nothing but the best, but this is the reason you were hand-picked to work on my own home. You should all be so proud of what we accomplished together.

Corey Fox Landscaper Sutherland Shire Small Logo
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