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The Luxe Cantilever™ pergola and carport – the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for!

One of our most familiar challenges when designing beautiful landscapes is striking the right balance between practicality and aesthetics.

We live for creating breathtakingly beautiful outdoor spaces that make you want to move right into your backyard, but at the end of the day, you’ll only get the most out of your space if it is comfortable, practical and just easy to live in.

In the harsh Aussie sun, a pergola has long been the most practical solution for creating a durable shelter – shade on a hot day, shelter from the rain, but they have typically come with their downsides.

The typical pergola doesn’t look that premium, still gets hot, and if you go the clear roof it looks stained and irreparably dirty within a few months. Not to mention the poles that tend to be right in the way of your walkway or field of view. In the past if you wanted to ditch those pesky poles, you were looking at expensive custom engineering.

Luxe Cantilever White with Luxline Ceiling and Fan
Luxe Cantilever White with Luxline Ceiling and Fan

That’s why we’re so thrilled to be partnered with Life Outdoors.

Life Outdoors logo

They first revolutionised the pergola space with their fully insulated Versiclad roofing panels, creating pergolas and patios that look like an extension of your indoor space. Now they’ve taken another leap forward with the launch of the Luxe Cantilever™ a fully insulated, ultra-premium cantilever pergola levitating on two posts, meaning unobstructed views and movement in and around your pergola. Versiclad roof panels will also keep you cool in summer and warm in winter with a comfortable atmosphere year-round.

White Luxe Cantilever with Luxline Ceiling
White Luxe Cantilever with Luxline Ceiling

Perfect for poolside and outdoor living where the additional posts really get in the way of your movement, or carports where those extra posts would be right in the middle of your driveway to accidentally reverse into, the Luxe Cantilever is a gamechanger in the pergola outdoor living and carport space.

The Luxe Cantilever™ can be designed to either be a feature in your space, match the overall style or seamlessly blend into the environment based on the colour choices and finishes available. The roofing, roof colour ceiling finishes and even the frame colour can all be customised when designing your shade solution.

In addition to choosing your colours and styles the Luxe Cantilever™ can also be decked out with fans, lights and dimmers to enhance the overall comfort and experience.

Luxe Cantilever with fan and downlight

We’ve already transformed multiple homes with the Luxe Cantilever and have been nothing short of blown away by the quality and premium look they achieved on our projects.

Be sure to mention to us if you’d like to include one of these in your outdoor design!

Learn more about the Luxe Cantilever™ or Life Outdoors pergolas.

White Luxe Cantilever Carport


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